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more_Leroy Leroy


Breed Border Collie | Labrador Retriever,

9.0/9 rating 1 vote

Our Story

I found Leroy through a rescue organization in my area.  Leroy had been hit by a car and needed extensive surgery on his leg.  Had it not been for that rescue group and the vet who was willing to work with them Leroy would have been put down in a regular shelter program.  He has been the sweetest most amazing boy.  He can be very independant but as soon as I call him, he comes right away.  It was so great to watch him heal and become stronger and healthier.  Now he is just happy go lucky and always has a doggy smile on his face.

What we do together

Leroy loves to go on walks in the neighborhood and hikes around the area.  He loves to play fetch in the backyard with his squeaky ball. He is also a big fan of belly rubs and cozy nights inside.  As he is getting older the cuddle times are even higher up on his list. 

How I keep my pet healthy

Leroy is starting to have problems with his leg as he gets older so we make sure to keep his weight down to not put any extra strain on it.  We also add joint supplements and things like that to his diet to help with stiffness.   


  • Gender: Neutered
  • Years: 10
  • Months: 0
  • Size: Large
  • Color: White and Brown


  • Is it a Mix?: Yes
  • Favorite Food: liver treats
  • Favorite Activity: Walks and Cuddles
  • Favorite Toy: squeaky ball

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