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Ways to help

The goal of saving every homeless pet is a daunting task, but at Happy Pet Stories there are many simple ways that you can take part in this aspiration.  

Tell Your Story:  When you create a pet profile on Happy Pet Stories, you share your furry family member with the world.  The bond you have with your pet can brighten another person's day as well as show potential pet owners how fulfilling and rewarding that relationship is. So come and tell us all about your unique, silly, and wonderful pet!

Make a Difference: When you purchase a pet profile you are helping the millions of dogs and cats that need forever homes.  Here on Happy Pet Stories part of the money you contribute is donated directly to pet rescue organizations that are working tirelessly to save homeless pets.  Every dollar helps provide foster homes outside of animal shelters, food, and medication for animals in need.  As you participate with your profile you are raising awareness for these organizations and helping potential pet parents find the dog or cat that has been waiting for them! 

Share Your Knowledge:  Remember those potty training days?  Or how hard it was to choose the right kind of food?  At Happy Pet Stories we need all of your experience from raising your pet family members.  Answer questions on our pet forum to give advice to other pet owners around the world.  Your tips can help make all the stages of pet ownership easier and safer!

Share your story; save a life