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Family: Scenthound
Area of origin: England
Original function: trailing rabbits
Average size of male: Ht: 13-15, Wt: 18-30
Average size of female: Ht: 13-15, Wt: 18-30
Other names: English beagle

Beagle Dog Temperament

One of the most amiable hounds, the Beagle was bred as a pack hunter and needs companionship, whether human or canine. He loves to explore the outdoors and is an enthusiastic trailer. Given adequate exercise, he is a calm, tractable house pet. He is an excellent child's dog, gentle, incredibly tolerant and always ready to join in a game or an adventure. He is an independent breed, however, and may run off if a trail beckons. He barks and howls.

Beagle Dog Care

The Beagle needs daily exercise, either a long walk on leash or a romp in a safe area. He is a social dog and needs the companionship of either other dogs or his human family; as such, he is usually happiest if he can divide his time between the house and yard.

Beagle Dog Health

Major concerns: intervertebral disc disease, CHD
Minor concerns: glaucoma, epilepsy
Occasionally seen: deafness, hemophilia A, cataracts
Suggested tests: hip, (eye)
Life span: 12-15 years

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