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Family: livestock, herding
Area of origin: France
Original function: herding and guarding sheep
Average size of male: Ht: 23-27, Wt: 75-100
Average size of female: Ht: 22-25.5, Wt: 75-100
Other names: berger de Brie

Briard Dog Temperament

Devoted and faithful, the Briard is a loving and protective companion. He is independent, intelligent and self-assured, but is also willing to please and eager to serve as a partner in adventure. He can be reserved with strangers. He tends to stay at home and may attempt to keep the family's children home as well!

Briard Dog Care

This is a dog that needs a good amount of activity and interaction every day. He can be satisfied with a long walk or jog, or a long play session coupled with a little training. Its long coat needs brushing or combing every other day or mats can form.

Briard Dog Health

Major concerns: gastric torsion, CHD
Minor concerns: nightblindness
Occasionally seen: PRA, heart problems
Suggested tests: hip, eye, (cardiac)
Life span: 10-12 years

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