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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Family: spaniel, companion
Area of origin: England
Original function: flushing small birds, lapdog
Average size of male: Ht: 12-13, Wt: 13-18
Average size of female: Ht: 12-13, Wt: 13-18
Other names: none

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog Temperament

The cavalier in many ways fits the bill as an ideal house pet. He is sweet, gentle, playful, willing to please, affectionate and quiet. He is amiable toward other dogs, pets and strangers. Outdoors, his spaniel heritage kicks in, and he loves to explore, sniff and chase.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog Care

The cavalier needs a fair amount of exercise every day, either in the form of a moderate walk on leash or a romp in a safe area. This is not a breed that should live outdoors. His long coat needs brushing every other day.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog Health

Major concerns: MVI, CHD
Minor concerns: patellar luxation, entropion
Occasionally seen: retinal dysplasia
Suggested tests: cardiac, hip, knee, eye
Life span: 9-14 years

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