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Family: bichon, companion, water dog
Area of origin: Cuba
Original function: lapdog, performer
Average size of male: Ht: 8.5-11.5, Wt: 7-13
Average size of female: Ht: 8.5-11.5, Wt: 7-13
Other names: bichon Havanais

Havanese Dog Temperament

This is a busy, curious dog; she is happiest when she is the center of attention. She loves to play and clown and is affectionate with her family, children, strangers, other dogs and pets, basically everyone! The Havanese is willing to please and learn easily, but she tends to be vocal.

Havanese Dog Care

Although energetic, the Havanese can have her exercise needs met with a short walk or a good play session. She is not a dog that can live outside. Coat care entails brushing two to four times a week. This is a nonshedding dog, which means that loose hairs are caught in the outer hairs, tending to tangle, unless they are combed out.

Havanese Dog Health

Major concerns: none
Minor concerns: patellar luxation
Occasionally seen: PRA, otitis externa, cataract
Suggested tests: knee, eye
Life span: 12-14 years

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