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Family: livestock dog, sheepdog, mastiff
Area of origin: England
Original function: guardian
Average size of male: Ht: 30, Wt: 175-190
Average size of female: Ht: 27.5, Wt: 175-190
Other names: English mastiff

Mastiff Dog Temperament

The mastiff is innately good-natured, calm, easygoing and surprisingly gentle. He is a well-mannered house pet, but needs sufficient room to stretch out. This is an extremely loyal breed, and though not excessively demonstrative, he is devoted to his family and good with children.

Mastiff Dog Care

The adult mastiff needs daily moderate exercise, consisting of either a good walk or game. He does not enjoy hot weather; in fact he is a breed that should live inside with his family so that he will be inclined to fulfill his role of devoted guardian. He tends to drool. Coat care is minimal.

Mastiff Dog Health

Major concerns: CHD, gastric torsion
Minor concerns: ectropion, PPM, vaginal hyperplasia, elbow dysplasia, PRA
Occasionally seen: cardiomyopathy
Suggested tests: hip, elbow, eye
Life span: 8-10 years
Note: Obesity can be a problem.

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