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Old English Sheepdog

Family: livestock, herding
Area of origin: England
Original function: sheep herding
Average size of male: Ht: 22+, Wt: 70-90
Average size of female: Ht: 21+, Wt: 60-80
Other names: none

Old English Sheepdog Dog Temperament

The amiable Old English is jolly but gentle. At home, he is a well-mannered house pet that often amuses his family with comical antics. He thrives on human companionship and is very much a homebody. He is extremely devoted to its family and protective of family members, tending children as flock members. He is friendly toward strangers. Some can be headstrong.

Old English Sheepdog Dog Care

The Old English Sheepdog needs daily exercise, either a moderate to long walk or a vigorous romp. This breed thrives on togetherness so it is necessary that he have access to the house. His coat needs brushing or combing every other day, or he may form mats. He may tend to track in debris.

Old English Sheepdog Dog Health

Major concerns: CHD
Minor concerns: gastric torsion, otitis externa, retinal detachment, cataract, deafness
Occasionally seen: none
Suggested tests: hip, eye, (hearing)
Life span: 10-12 years

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