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Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Family: livestock, herding
Area of origin: Wales
Original function: cattle driving
Average size of male: Ht: 10-12, Wt: 27
Average size of female: Ht: 10-12, Wt: 25
Other names: none

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog Temperament

Quick and quick-witted, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi has an active mind and body. He needs daily physical and mental exercise to be at his best in the house. He is devoted and willing to please, fun-loving, amiable and companionable. He is very good with children and can be reserved with strangers. Many bark a lot.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog Care

The Pembroke loves to herd, he can do fine without herding, however. As long as he gets a moderate walk on leash or a good play and training session off leash in a safe area. He is physically able to live outdoors in temperate climates, but he is mentally far better suited to share his family's home and have access to a yard. Coat care consists only of brushing once a week to remove dead hairs.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog Health

Major concerns: intervertebral disc disease, CHD
Minor concerns: epilepsy
Occasionally seen: vWD, skin fragility, PRA, lens luxation, urolithiasis
Suggested tests: hip, eye, (blood)
Life span: 11-13 years

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