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Family: spitz, Northern (herding)
Area of origin: Russia (Siberia)
Original function: herding reindeer, guardian, draft
Average size of male: Ht: 21-23.5, Wt: 45-65
Average size of female: Ht: 19-21, Wt: 35-50
Other names: Samoyedskaya

Samoyed Dog Temperament

Gentle and playful, the Samoyed makes a good companion for a child or person of any age. She is a closely bonded family dog. She is amiable with strangers, other pets and usually, other dogs. She is calm indoors, but this clever, sometimes mischievous breed needs daily physical and mental exercise. If allowed to become bored, she may dig and bark. She is independent and often stubborn, but is willing to please and is responsive to her family's wishes. She may tend to herd children.

Samoyed Dog Care

The Samoyed is active and needs a good workout every day, either in the form of a long walk or jog or a vigorous play session. She prefers to live indoors with her human family. Her thick coat needs brushing and combing two to three times a week, daily when shedding.

Samoyed Dog Health

Major concerns: CHD
Minor concerns: gastric torsion
Occasionally seen: PRA
Suggested tests: hip, (eye)
Life span: 10-12 years

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