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Scottish Terrier

Family: terrier
Area of origin: Scotland
Original function: vermin hunting
Average size of male: Ht: 10, Wt: 19-22
Average size of female: Ht: 10, Wt: 18-21
Other names: Aberdeen terrier

Scottish Terrier Dog Temperament

Nicknamed the Diehard in reference to her rugged character, the Scottish terrier is a tough, determined character, ready for action. She is fearless and feisty. She is reserved, but friendly, with strangers, and devoted to her family. Although independent and stubborn, she is sensitive. She tends to dig and bark.

Scottish Terrier Dog Care

This is a dog on the lookout for adventure, and she needs some excitement and exercise in her life every day. This can take the form of a moderate walk on leash, a boisterous game or an off-leash exploration in a safe area. She is best suited as a house dog with access to a yard. Her wire coat needs combing two to three times weekly, plus shaping every three months. Shaping for pets is by clipping.

Scottish Terrier Dog Health

Major concerns: vWD, CMO
Minor concerns: Scotty cramp, intervertebral disc disease
Occasionally seen: none
Suggested tests: DNA for vWD
Life span: 11-13 years

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