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Shih Tzu

Family: companion, herding
Area of origin: China
Original function: lap dog
Average size of male: Ht: 8-11, Wt: 9-16
Average size of female: Ht: 8-11, Wt: 9-16
Other names: chrysanthemum dog

Shih Tzu Dog Temperament

The spunky but sweet Shih Tzu is both a gentle lap dog and a vivacious companion. He has an upbeat attitude and loves to play and romp. He is affectionate to his family and good with children. He is surprisingly tough and does have a stubborn streak.

Shih Tzu Dog Care

Despite his small size, the Shih Tzu needs daily exercise. Because of his small size, he can meet his requirements with vigorous indoor games or short frolics outside or with short walks on leash. He does not do well in hot humid weather, and he should never be expected to live outdoors. His luxurious coat needs brushing or combing every other day; puppies should be taught to accept grooming from a young age. Pets may be clipped.

Shih Tzu Dog Health

Major concerns: none
Minor concerns: renal cortical hypoplasia, entropion, trichiasis, PRA, KCS, CHD, otitis externa, portacaval shunt, inguinal hernias
Occasionally seen: vWD
Suggested tests: eye
Life span: 11-14 years

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