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Terms and Conditions

This is a general guide of the conditions to use our website. We reserve the right to change/update/modify these terms without prior notice, so please visit this section frequently to remain updated on our terms and conditions.

Happy Pet Stories is a commercial entity registered accordingly to the laws of the state of Virginia USA.

Our institution seeks to make contact between non-profit animal rescue organizations, pets, veterinaries and people that can help in any way the millions of pets in need of food, medicine and homes in USA. Our goal is to help as many rescue organizations as we can, providing free promotion of pets for adoption, food, medicine, volunteer time and money.

To accomplish our goal, we have a paid pet profile program, for those individuals who can help us to obtain resources to save the lives of animals.
In order to educate the public, our site publishes information on pet care, dog breeds, cats, training and almost anything else we think could be useful for the general public about pets.
Most of that information is gathered from various resources as webpages, encyclopedias, articles written by professionals, forums, experienced people and regular people that have an interest in helping others on pet care issues and explaining their own experiences. The experiences and opinions expressed in these forums and articles are not necessarily our experiences or the best practices in a similar case as treated by a professional.

The content in our website is property of their authors to whom we recognize sole property, and we reproduce for educational purposes only. Any information found in this website should not be considered as our own opinion, therefore we are not liable for any damage or problem caused to any person or pet due to use any on the information provided in this website in any particular case.
This site is an educational guide only and anyone that uses information provided here, does it under their own risk. We Do not offer any warranty or liability for any of the information you can find in our website.

We Strongly recommend that in every situation involving pets and humans, the owners always consult a veterinary or a professional in the area before attempting to do anything by themselves.

Sponsored Institutions

We want to sponsor as many non-profit animal rescue organizations as possible. We will use all possible resources to assist in the cause of helping pets in need.
Happy pet stories will donate a percentage of all its benefits to the institutions we sponsor on a monthly basis. That percentage can vary in function of our operational costs every month, but we intend to make it between 10% and 30%.
That donation will be in the form of money, food, toys for pets, medical care, supplies or any other object that could help the organization. We have the right to distribute our resources as we consider appropriate, and choose the date of the month in which it is distributed.  In all cases, we will keep a record of every donation, which will be available to the general public for reference.
In order to accomplish that goal, we require every institution we sponsor to follow several simple rules that will help our website remain updated so that the public will always have reliable information. This is especially important in regards to pets who are featured under each organization.

We reserve the right to stop sponsoring any organization and removing all information we believe goes against our rules, at any time without prior notice.
A rule of thumb is that if we receive three complains about inaccurate information from an organization, on different pets, that organization is not updating the information, and will be removed until we determine that the issue has been resolved.

These rules are very few and simple:

1-The sponsored organization needs to publish accurate information about every one of their pets for adoption. Including breed, gender, age, health condition, temperament, etc.
2-The sponsored organization needs to update the sponsored pet's information every time something changes.
3-Whenever a pet finds a home, regardless of if it is from publicity provided by our website or from other means, the pet should be immediately unpublished from our website, and in the "pet introduction" information field, the organization should write a brief description on how the pet was adopted so we can add it to the "success stories" section.

Not a rule, but we will certainly appreciate if the institutions assist in spreading word of our website so more people interested in helping the cause of homeless can become involved in our mutual cause.
We apply a referral program which will automatically pay every sponsored institution 10% of every membership we sell from their individual referral code. This will always be monetary and paid directly to the sponsored  non-profit pet rescue organization or institution. It's a separate program from the regular donations program.